Thursday, July 18, 2013

I AM IN ISSUE 263 of Heavy Metal!!! twenty page story.

AMAZING news, folks!
Sorry to be away for so long.

Short back story...
I submitted my comic to Heavy Metal magazine and another company four years ago.

Cut to 2013.
I receive an email from Heavy Metal magazine saying they love my submission, want to publish it and it pays.

 Please visit my Facebook page for more about the comic and where to get it.

Heavy Metal magazine changed the way I looked at comics, art, storytelling in my teens.
I was a lucky dude to have stumbled upon the first twelve vintage issues of the 1970's magazine that had names like Moebius, Druillet, Corben, Ellison, Picaret, Tardi, Caza, Wrightson, etc.

All these artists were pouring hot fire on each page they wrote/worked on.

So, all these years later, it's a dream come true.

Stay tuned for more.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

LeRoy Neiman 1921-2012

Iconic American artist LeRoy Neiman, known for his trademark handlebar mustache and his bright, impressionistic portrayals of the world's top sporting events, died in New York on Wednesday. He was 91.

Neiman was born June 8, 1921, in St. Paul, Minnesota, the son of Lydia Sophia Serline and Charles Julius Runquist. He later took the surname of one of his stepfathers, after his biological father abandoned the family, his biography says.
He enlisted in the army in 1942, serving during World War II. Neiman was in the invasion of Normandy and fought in the Battle of the Bulge, according to his publicist Gail Parenteau, later attending Chicago's prestigious School of the Art Institute on the G.I. Bill.
Neiman taught at the Institute for 10 years early in his career before gaining recognition as a contributing artist for Playboy in the 1950s.
The series "Man at His Leisure" appeared in the magazine for 15 years, showing the artist's impressions of sporting events and social activities. Included in the series was the Grand Prix in Monaco, the Beatles in London and the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.
Staying true to his style, Neiman's public persona was as almost as colorful as his artwork.
"I guess I created LeRoy Neiman," the artist once said, according to the biography on his website. "Nobody else told me how to do it. Well, I'm a believer in the theory that the artist is as important as his work."

I have read a few articles that say Playboy tarnished his reputation as a serious artist.

I HIGHLY disagree and think he was a defining visionary of Playboy's legendary image and style.
Plus, he looked like he had fun doing it.
Thumb through any vintage issue of Playboy and tell me its not true.

Rest, in peace.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Look Back Pt 15- Wednesday, June 20th

...And here is the last of the Dune art I will show.
 There is always more but, this is a good place to stop for now.

"The willow submits to the wind and prospers until one day it is many willows — a wall against the wind. This is the willow's purpose."

- Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam 
Dune character studies.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Look Back Pt 14- Tuesday, June 19th

Here is the full image ROUGHLY put together.
 ( Small scanner, sorry.)
Enjoy, fellow Dune fans!

Dune studies.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Look Back Pt 13- Monday, June 18th

Well, it's late and I missed posting for my Monday audience, but here is my rendering of Frank Herbert's Dune.
Its a fantastic book and I really fell into drawing it for some time...
There is a good body of sketches from that time I read the book over and over.
A little bit of Moebius' concept influence and some David Lynch-ian feeling helped to round out my ideas as well.

I will put the whole image together, but for now here's some parts of this giant sheet of character sketches.

The Baron, Lady Fenring, Duncan, and Feyd.

Paul Atreides and Dr.Huey.

Count Fenring, Thufir Hawat, and Lady Jessica.

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Look Back Pt 12- Friday, June 15th

 Just had lunch w some long time video game pals/veterans and thought this would be a good offering for today.

Might have seen these on a previous blog post. Maybe not.

Unused concepts for a space game that was never really going to get made. Mutiny was afoot while us swabs were on deck working.

Some quick comps from a game I worked on in '99.

NO weekend posts, so see you Monday.

*** I'm the first to admit I don't do great vehicles, but I  liked the ideas enough to show them... ***

Space vehicles- rough comp

floating car

 ...and a big ,bad mini boss w/ a dust buster missile launcher.

Heavy, dude.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Look Back Pt 11- Thursday, June 14th


Goldie-The Mack

"The Mack"- 1973

Goldie and his younger brother, Olinga, work it out.

 "You really don't understand do you?

Hey man don't you realize in order for us to make this thing work man we've got to get rid of the pimps and the pushers and the prostitutes and then start all over again clean."

"Yeah but nobody's pushing me anywhere ok. I mean not you, not the cops, nobody man. I mean you wanna get rid of the pushers I'll help you. But don't send your people left to me."

"Oh come on John, can't you see that we can't get rid of one without getting rid of the other. We gotta come down on both of them at the same time in order for this whole thing to work for the people."

"Yeah but nobody's closing me out of my business."

Based on a true story.
Bored kids on a ranch w firecrackers.