Monday, October 17, 2011

MUPPET RAWKS 3: Revenge of the Piranha

Edited: Ralph is now Rowlf....Doh!
Guess who cant spell?
Here is the corrected ROWLF piece.

Here's my Bark at the Moon tribute w/ Rowlf the Dog.
The show goes all month folks, so take a gander.
There was an incredible amount of album covers this year!
Really good stuff in abundance.
It's at the Piranha Press Gallery near Safeco Stadium.

Thanks to Lawrence Ruelos and Dev Madan for the fun times and coordinating the talent!

Check out the Augblog for more indepth coverage and his ravetastic Muppet tribute to the Chemical Brothers.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Space Glider

Commander Rann.
Explorer of the Microverse and leader of the Micronauts.

One thousand years ago, Commander Arcturus Rann set out on a voyage to explore the Microverse. While his conscious mind spent a thousand years in suspended animation, his subconscious made contact with the Enigma Force. At intervals, astral copies of Rann would appear and become new Time Travelers. Some of them became Shadow Priests, who set up churches devoted to worship of Dallan and Sepsis (Rann's royal parents). All this activity prepared Rann to confront Baron Karza when he returned home. At the proper moment, the Shadow Priests shed their disguises and reunited with Rann, giving him the power to defeat Karza.