Thursday, March 26, 2009

Emerald City ComicCon- come on down! April 4th-5th.

Its that time for Emerald City Comicon. I'll be in Artist Alley with prints to sell and a sketchbook that has been a long time coming.It wouldn't have been possible, except for the gracious and talented artist that goes by Augie Pagan who has given me space in his booth. Augie will have some AMAZING art to show in the form of prints for sale that will put a smile on yer face and say, "Oh heck yeah! This guys knows how to have fun with art!" If you don't know him yet, get familiar with him over at and say hi to our neighbor Edward Pun as well.

I will have five high quality prints made by Chromaworks for sale.They all vary in size and subject matter, but are all crowd pleasers. As for my sketchbook, it's a whopping 43 pages of black and white art and was a blast to make and, I hope, a blast to look at and own.

The Emerald City show looks to be another huge blow out with tons of great guests. Adam Hughes, Adi Granov,Joseph Michael Linser are just a few of the top knotch talent coming...
So, come on down April 4th -5th and show some love for local talented folks like us.We are the small fish in the big pond, but we promise you good art and a good time!