Friday, June 8, 2012

A Look Back Pt 5- Friday, June 8th

We made it through a work week of consecutive posts.
Hope its been fun and enjoyable.
We will see how week 2 goes. 

Science fantasy prologue page
At the last checkpoint of the Outer rim, a lone guard keeps alert with stims and the slight breeze of the evening.
Two anti -grav Check point robot guards are his only company.
The Titan gun tugs hover back and forth in an alternating crisscross pattern. A dated relic from a long forgotten campaign, but no less deadly for their age and wear.

Mendel checks his counter and sighs.
 “ I should alternate them.”
He cracks a stim under his nose and inhales, but coughs and throws the stim capsule to the ground.
What the hell is wrong w/ me?! 
How did I get to this point?
A worthless sentry on a long forgotten outpost w/ two scrap heaps for company?! They are as old as my grandfather himself when he was in the service of the Imperium.
What a solider he was!
A glorious career in the military, serving in deadly campaigns and fighting for a just cause. Honored by all who knew him and served under his command.
Look at me …demoted so many times, they dump me at  the furthest checkpoint in the realm.
An embarrassment to the uniform and with two mindless antiques that  need constant repair.

Scared of whats under the bed.

Love and Rockets girls.
 My friend Mando worked at Fantagraphics and he turned me on to this series around 1998 and I am forever grateful.
 Amazing work from the Hernandez clan for all the years they have made this comic.

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