Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A look back.Sketchbook posts starting next week.

Hi, folks!
I always want to post new work on here but at the moment, I am committed to various long term projects.

So, in wanting to stay relevant and keep this blog in bloom, I am going to be posting various works from my old sketchbooks, which probably haven't been seen by many. Lots and lots of doodles from a more whimsical time.

I will post at least one a day if possible.
I will attempt to not go past two days.

Stay tuned and check back often.
You may find something you like!

Here's a preview from '94. 
18 yrs old.
Just starting to learn at Art Institute.


 This was drawn from a VHS tape at the AIS library, which at the time, had great freeze frame T.V.'s for VHS cassettes.

Mario R. from El Paso. AIS pal and killer artist.

Arzach sketch unfnished.

An early drawing trying a Moebius style of art and character. Nothing Euro comic art or quasi-mysterious here, but worth a look.


misael said...

Sweet cant wait to see what you put up!

memodiazart said...

Thanks, Misael! There's lots of fun and weird stuff to show and I hope you stay in touch.