Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MUPPET RAWKS 2 Pics are up!

It was a great show and a great turnout at Ouchmyeye last Saturday! Lawrence Ruelos did a bang up job and it was a real eye opener helping out and seeing how much work getting one of these events takes when trying to get it off the ground.
We were lucky enough in all the hustle and bussle to have some keen eyed photographers show up and capture the moment.
My good friend and fellow artist, Lara, managed to take pics of most if not all the pieces, so a tip of the hat to her!
Here is a link to her Flickr set:

Thank you, Lara!

To all the folks who come out and support this event from making the art, to coming down to see it on the wall, we do this for you and for the sake of having a fun time! So a big thank you to friends, new and old.

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Lara said...

You're welcome Memo! It was so special seeing all of you and the art you created. Fun times!