Friday, April 17, 2009

Emerald City Comicon..annnnd....... SCENE!

First a big thanks to the Sir Augustine of Pagan for the sharing of his booth. I had a great time and a bit of a wake up call as to what the peeps want to see from artists.I appreciated the local support and was super stoked to see familiar faces from then and now...Mentors,fellow coworkers/friends, thank you for the love and kind words, folks.

Met and interacted with a lot of people I really admire and were big influences.

Alberto Ruiz-Super cool nice guy and talented like nobody else I know.

Doug Sneyd-Famous Playboy artist of 45 years ( legend).

Adam Hughes-Managed to look up and grunt, while being swamped with commission work.
Eric Canete-Was just there as a fan, but I turned the tables and told him I was a fan of his work.
Super nice guy.His art is bursting off the page with intense energy.Amazing artist.
Mike Mignola was the signing machine and he did it with great humility for two days.
The CHAMP gave back to the folks who line his pockets fer sure.
So many others, but its all geek speak, so I will spare you.

A BIG THANK YOU to my lovey for all her help and support. She really gave me the time and help to make it all possible and is my #1 fan of what I do. A lucky guy doesn't even begin to describe it.
Whil Wheaton loves cool Whip, babes.
PS Our neighbor Edward Pun has a great four part coverage and was prepared with his camera.Get over there already and visit his blog!!! He pretty much sums up my experience in images. NICE ONE, Edward! And my daughter loves her Batgirl drawing.


Edward Pun said...

Glad she like the Batgirl sketch. :) It's good time at the Con. Hope you can make it for the next one!

Jason Newkirk said...

killer work Memo. I want one of those sketchbooks man...